Blind Spot 2019

Dominick has had a gift since he was tiny: the power to make himself invisible. One day his power goes wrong and escapes his control. He then finds a childhood friend who has the same gift and who panics at the thought of losing it.

Reverse Angle 2009

In the remote, sun soaked Pennsylvanian countryside, Ned Larson - a retired professor and reclusive inventor is killed in an explosion at his home. Soon after, small-time investigative journalist Eve Pretson crawls from the wreckage of a burnt out car nearby. She suffers a complete loss of memory - with no recollection of who she is or anything that preceded the accident. Weak and disorientated, she stops at a gas station for help, but instead witnesses the murder of a local mechanic. How are these events connected? In a desperate search for answers, Eve pieces together the scattered fragments of her life, becoming ever more fearful of all she uncovers.

Angle Mort 2011

The relationship between Eric and Stephanie is floundering. They decide to leave for the Republic of Santiago to visit the famous ruins. Once there, they learn that a serial killer rages on steep roads of the region, eliminating drunk drivers.

The Man's Angle 1942

A lecturer on domestic difficulties, having previously discussed the subject from a woman's viewpoint, now proceeds to present the man's perspective. He emphasizes that he wishes to avoid generalizations that would apply to all women. Instead, he plans to present a series of sketches that illustrate possibly isolated examples of some of the ways that particular women have baffled or frustrated their husbands by their behavior.

The Woman's Angle 1952

The organising force of a family of musical prodigies, Robert Mansell is a frustrated composer in seach of one thing personal happiness. This search, however, has landed him in the divorce courts and the judge's summary does not paint him in a favourable light.

Angle of Attack 2011

100-years of naval aviation, from wobbly gliders and the first shipboard landing in 1911 to modern supersonic jets and unmanned aerial vehicles. The film deftly interweaves archival footage, interviews with historical and military experts.

Wide Angle Saxon 1975

An interpretation of The Confessions of Saint Augustine featuring an ordinary middle-aged man who undergoes a conversion experience whilst watching an experimental film. - Harvard Film Archive

Dutch Angle: Chas Gerretsen & Apocalypse Now 2019

In the 1970s, Dutch photographer Charles ‘Chas’ Gerretsen suddenly became world famous with his then small oeuvre. Privateer from a young age and former war photographer, he was invited by Francis Ford Coppola to capture everything on the set of Apocalypse Now because of his wartime experiences. Most of his work on the legendary set has never been seen before. Until now. In honor of the 40th anniversary of Apocalypse Now, Rotterdam-based cinema KINO Rotterdam and the Nederlands Fotomuseum joined forces to unearth the archive of Gerretsen and produced a documentary together. The documentary contains an in-depth interview with Gerretsen and more than 100 pictures of the stellar cast including Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper and Martin Sheen. It even features images of deleted scenes.

RPW: Angle vs. Sabre Jr. 2016

Zack Sabre Jr vs Kurt Angle / Chris Hero vs Josh Bodom / Marty Scurll vs Noam Dar / Undisputed British Tag Team Championships: The Revolutionists (c) vs Redman & Garrett / Martin Stone vs Pete Dunne / 'Speedball' Mike Bailey vs Will Ospreay / Big Damo vs Big Daddy Walter

Kurt Angle: The Essential Collection 2017

It's true! It's true! Kurt Angle has had some of the most epic matchups in WWE history. Now for the first time ever, you can watch them all with Kurt Angle: The Essential Collection. Relive all of his rivalries with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and more in this complete collection.

TNA Wrestling: Kurt Angle - Champion 2008

Two-time national collegiate champion, Olympic gold medalist, and over 20 time world champion. Kurt Angle has held world titles in every major professional wrestling organization in existence. Angle is the greatest professional wrestler in history. This new release contains over 3 hours of complete matches and special features that give a behind the scenes look at Kurt and his amazing career.

Kurt Angle: It's True! It's True 2000

Kurt Angle--love him or hate him, he's the only Federation superstar with an Olympic gold medal! In this video, many Federation Superstars speak of their real feelings toward Kurt Angle. We also capture an unscripted, totally candid Kurt Angle at a Federation commercial shoot. See for yourself the Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence Kurt used to win the European & Intercontintental Championships, and the King of the Ring. Also, his notorious involvement with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. WARNING: Whatever your thoughts on Kurt Angle, you may change your mind after viewing this. It's true, it's true!

Peter Cook At a Slight Angle to the Universe 2002

TV documentary tracing the life of the comedian and satirist from his school days, through the Cambridge Footlights, to Beyond the Fringe and his partnership with Dudley Moore. With contributions from Cook's school friends Peter Rabey and Jonathan Harlow; Cook's first wife Wendy Cook; Cambridge University friends Tim Harrold and Roger Law; Adrian Slade (ex-president of Cambridge Footlights); Jonathan Miller; Sir David Frost; Ned Sherrin; John Bassett (creator, Beyond The Fringe); Willie Donaldson (producer, Beyond The Fringe); John Cleese; Eric Idle; Michael Parkinson; Brenda Vaccaro; John Fortune; Nicholas Luard (co-owner with Cook of The Establishment club); actress Gaye Brown; Christopher Booker; Ian Hislop; Victor Lownes and Michael Bawtree (friends of Cook); Joe McGrath; Dick Clement; Mel Smith; Clive Anderson; tv producer and executive Paul Jackson; Harry Enfield, radio presenter Clive Bull, and archival interview footage of both Cook and Dudley Moore. (Synopsis BFI)

Dead Angle 1979

An extraordinary group of action stars join up together as elite college graduates in the 1950's who commit perfect financial crimes through legal loopholes. Starring the great Natsuyagi Isao and Chiba Shinichi, along with legendary samurai star Amachi Shigeru. As with all things in life, nothing is perfect. Will justice prevail or is there really a perfect crime? Edge of the seat suspense highlights this superb crime drama!

The Third Dead Angle 1959

Yoshikawa and Kaji are alumni - Yoshikawa leads a life loyal to his company Toho Corporation, whilst Kaji works in the underground world for Aoyama, a fixer trying to buy Toho out. One day, Yoshikawa is ordered to take a look into the information leakage which had resulted in a serious fall of the company stock price. Following his order, Yoshikawa reunites with Kaji but their relationship gets complicated through the presence of Akiko, the daughter of Kubo, chairman of Toho Corporation. There is an obvious financial conspiracy and several men are killed - Who is the true mastermind behind all the plots?

Anglerfisch 2018

The little anglerfish has to go to bed. But the deep waters are full of threatening creatures.

Wide Angle 2002

Wide Angle was an American documentary television series produced by Thirteen/WNET New York for broadcast on PBS and for worldwide distribution. The weekly one-hour series covered international current affairs and was last hosted by veteran journalist Aaron Brown. Wide Angle began broadcasting on PBS in 2002, and aimed to expand the awareness and understanding of Americans about the changing world in which they live. It was the only documentary series on American television devoted exclusively to reporting in-depth on international issues.Following its final season it was nominated for a 2010 International Documentary Association Continuing Series award.

Love To-LIE-Angle 2018

When Natsuno Hanabi went back to her hometown to study in high school, she thought that she will have a new wonderful life. But Tachibanakan, the dormitory she was going to live in, was not what she expected.

Angler West TV 2018

Documenting the incredible multi species fishing opportunities found throughout the west and in other parts of the world.

Shallow Water Angler 2004

Shallow Water Angler brings an informative and exciting way of covering saltwater flats, bay and back country fishing. Each show focuses on an overall topic, technique, or species as the editors of SWA travel the nation's coastal regions. The result is a comprehensive TV magazine show that is sure to entertain and inform both the hard-core angler and casual viewer.